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Abrau Durso Winery

Tour Name: Abrau-Durso Winery

Tour Description

20275From the pier you will start the tour northwest  to Abrau-Durso village through Novorossiysk downtown viewing en route an impressive broad city embankment named after L. Serebryakov – the Admiral of the Russian Army and the city founder. Legendary Tsemesskaya bay, making the pride of the local citizens and the Markhotsky mountain range towering in the background above the bay will unveil before you.  The cruiser “Kutuzov” anchored for good by the Passenger Terminal reminds of the heroic events of the Russian Navy.

The village of Abrau-Durso is located in the picturesque valley surrounded by the mountains and the lake Abrau. Actually the territory was purchased for the Imperial family and its residence, but pretty soon soil investigations proved the place to be unique for growing grapes. Its natural and soil resources turned out to surpass the province of Champagne. Leo Galitsyn – the prince of Russia – pioneered production of local champagne.

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 548373 76Chardonnay, pinot-blanc and pinot-fran vines were brought from France, Germany and Crimea. First wine was produces in 1878. Within the past 100 years champagne production was stopped only in the time of the Second World War. 71 gold medals, 76 silver, 10 bronze and 3 Gran-prix were awarded to the wines of  Abrau.You will have a guided tour of the winery by learning its history, viewing cellars and proceeding through the tunnels located at the depth of 45 meters. 6 brands of Abrau-Durso champagne will be offered to you and those of favorite taste can be purchased at the gift shop of the winery.

Don’t skip visiting the lake Abrau, regarded the largest at the North Caucasus and located 84 m above the sea level. Its glistering waters amidst picturesque mountains shine like a blue patch dropped from the sky and is in absolute harmony with the scenic surroundings.

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Myskhako Winery - Tasting Class

Tour Name: Myskhako Winery & Tasting Class

Tour Description

00068606The tour begins with the panoramic drive through Novorossiysk downtown viewing en route an impressive broad city embankment named after L...

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