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Ancient Anapa with Lunch

Tour Name: Ancient Anapa with Lunch

Tour Description

АнапаStarting from the pier you will enjoy the panoramic drive through Novorossiysk downtown viewing en route cruiser “Kutuzov” anchored for good by the Passenger Terminal and reminding of the heroic events of the Russian Navy, an impressive broad city embankment named after L. Serebryakov, the Admiral of the Russian Army and the city founder, legendary Tsemesskaya bay, making the pride of the local citizens  and Markhotsky mountain range towering in the background above the bay.

From the port you head straight to the west from Novorossiysk by the highway passing through countryside area, Raevskiy valley, rushy flood-lands and to the resort town of Anapa. On the half-way you will make a stop at the Ethnographic Armenian Complex whose community is one of the biggest in the region. Built few years ago it has become most popular place for rest and recreation. You will be welcomed with the most cordial eastern hospitality and invited to visit the house and the grounds. After taking comfortable seating and being treated to local viands a short theatrical performance will take place in front of you demonstrating typical Armenian show in rich noble costumes. The stories are simple but they have a gist…

Next you will continue driving in the direction of Anapa and make a sightseeing tour of the town. Anapa begins from the Caucasian mountains, it’s just here that Europe borders on Asia, it’s just here that the sea salty breeze meets dry air of the steppes. Being one of the oldest towns of Russia which history counts over 25 centuries, today it has become a federal resort primarily for children and family recreation.

The tour starts from the High Sea coast overlooking the gulf and the old lighthouse. The first Anapa lighthouse was built in 1898 and partially destroyed in WW2, but later on rebuilt and put into operation. Today apart from its practical use this octahedral lighthouse is a traditional place for meetings and dates.
Following the tour you will proceed to Anapa downtown and view the resort section of the city with numerous sanatoriums and holiday centers. Not far away you will visit the oldest in the area St. Onufriy the Great cathedral, actually built on the site of the Turkish mosque in 1829. It suffered a lot during subsequent wars and was functioning as a Pioneer Center in Soviet time. However in 1991 the church was transferred to the local Orthodox community and completely revived in its full beauty.

While at the embankment you will visit the archaeological highlight of the city – the ruins of the ancient Gorgippia. The chronicles of this land reflect the history of the whole Black sea coast. It was just here that in the 6th century BC the ancient Greek state Sindika was formed, later on being included into Bosporus Kingdom and renamed into Gorgippia in the name of its ruler. Today you can walk by the streets of the ancient Gorgippia and visit museum exhibiting valuable archaeological items.

The remains of the Turkish fortress, now known as “Russian Gates” can be seen close to the museum.
Your sightseeing tour will round off with the pleasant stroll along the embankment and a tasty lunch served at one of the local restaurants.

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